[Emulator] GTA 5 for PC!

Good news for all fans of Grand Theft Auto series. If you don’t wanna to wait till official premiere of Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC, you can run Xbox version on your PC using Xbox emulator! This release is of course a little unstable and may have many of bugs, but you can still download and enjoy it before official premiere ;) As we can read in the readme.txt, Grand Theft Auto 5 is finally available thanks to guys from DarkRussia Team.

Few words about GTA 5:

GTA 5 is an open world action-adventure game that gives the player complete freedom to move around at will and interact with the environment. Players can choose between completing specific missions or roaming freely through the game looking for trouble. GTA 5 Beta world is bigger than the worlds of Red Dead RedemptionGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV combined. Areas in the game world include beach fronts, mountains, the wilderness, a “Salton Sea” region, a military base and the suburbs. The ocean floor is fully detailed and can be explored.

There is now official information about minimum system requirements, but DarkRussia Team tested it with success on the following configuration:

  • CPU: Core i5-3570K 3.40GHz
  • 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz KINGSTON HyperX
  • Graphics: GEFORCE GTX660 2GB DDR5
  • Operating System: Windows 7


How to use this?

  1. Download GTA V
  2. Mount downloaded ISO image (you can use Daemon Tools Lite)
  3. Run the Setup.exe and follow the instructions.
  4. After successful instalation just run Vanex Emulator.
  5. Click Load -> Image and choose downloaded ISO image.
  6. Enjoy!

You can run Xbox version of GTA5 on your PC, but it will probably run much slowler than on the Xbox. This is the emulator – not real console, so your processor and GPU have to do much more work than usual!




Did it worked for you?


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18 thoughts on “[Emulator] GTA 5 for PC!

  1. Yeah, this emulator is working but much slowler than on Xbox ;/ But if you wanna play on your PC this software is still better than nothing…

  2. dont forget to disable your antivirus or other software that work in background. it can use a lot of your CPU and worsen overall performance!

  3. Just played first mission, robing bank 9 years ago with franklin and trevor, its nice game

    gta 5 is my favorite game

    i dont know fr but i installed game corectly

  4. Im from Canada, I downloaded this emulator, and i installed game, now it works for me, maybe not optimized well for PC, but ok.
    Thanks so much

  5. I don’t know FR Lang.

    Then I installed game and it works great for me, I played GTA V on my Windows 8 without any bugs or lags. And I bought new graphic card ( i paid 300$ for it) and now I can play at full hd and high Graphics!

    Thanks for sharing GTA V PC version with us.

    Gonna play GTA V now, Bye Bye guys!

  6. Yes it works , I just tested it, first time when you ruining game need to disable Internet Connection , or Rockstar will disable RockstarSocial launcher, then you can run game normally!

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